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Get To Know Frozen Squid

Frozen Squid is a popular seafood all over the world.

Squid is a mollusc belonging to the shellfish family, and they come in four varieties: black, white, hard shell and red.

It is high in protein, minerals and low in calories.

It’s cheap, versatile, healthy and tasty for instance.

Squid usually use for grilled, seared, boiled, braised, and even eaten raw as sashimi.

One of the most popular preparations of squid is chopped, breaded, and fried.

This is popularly referred use for as calamari, though the term ‘calamari’ technically encompasses any squid eaten as food.

Fried calamari has more calories than most other preparations of calamari, as a result.

Commercially fished squids are typically caught offshore, sometimes far out at sea.

In 2002, the most commonly caught squid species were the European squid, the Argentine shortfin squid, the jumbo flying squid, and the Japanese flying squid.

The jumbo flying squid fishery is currently the most productive in the world.

squid have much health benefits like ofare often linked to its, as a result contain high protein.

other benefits from consume squid is to its polyunsaturated fatty acid content, also known as omega-3 fatty acids.

Squid meat has a pale, translucent white colour, a chewy texture and an umami taste.

Java Gondang Food For Best Frozen Squid Products

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 cm
Fishing method

Hook, Trawl Fishing

Processing method

Machine Wash, Handwork

Ice Percent

0.2, 0.3 customizable

Shelf Life

24 Months





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