Fresh Honey Pineapple Fruits From Java Indonesia

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Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is available around the year.

manganese and thiamin in pineapple can help you to produce energy for your body, as a result.

Vitamin C content in Pineapple can help you to fight cancer by boosting your immune system.

Pineapple is popular with Asian consumers because they usually include in salads or fruit cup side dishes.

This Fruits has great flavor for smoothies and for baked goods to make cookies and pies.


Why Fresh Honey Pineapple is good for you?

Fresh Honey Pineapple Fruits may help you to fight cancer because of high vitamin C content that existing on fresh pineapple. Its a great choice for those on low sodium, low-cholesterol diets. Pineapple can help boost the immune system and fight cancer.

Because To measure from organic cultivation system that applied on our farms. As a results, Our fresh honey pineapple product ensure that our quality is good for you.

Our Fresh Honey Pineapple Fruits sweet taste can make you forget all about the health benefits. But you need to remind that its offer many like enzyme bromelain content that can help reduce inflammation. Also manganese and thiamin both can produce energy to your body.

Fresh Honey Pineapple is the highest demand in Asia market.

Pineapple is popular fruits to Asian consumers cause they include pineapple in holiday fruit baskets and boxes, salads, and smoothies. Honey Pineapple fruits is the highest demand on the Asia market, and Indonesia is the best place to farms Pineapple based on the tropical climate and soil fertility that this country have.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is available around the year. manganese and thiamin in pineapple can help you to produce energy for your body.

Java Gondang Food for Best Choice

In Java Gondang Food can be your best choice to buy Fresh Honey Pineapple fruits. We have the premium quality and produces with the high standarization.

We are the finest Exporter in Indonesia because our experience been for twenty years for doing this business. All the products could be custom as you need to. We use all best quality raw material, for instance.

With the professional engineers and farmers, we are using all the newest technology for improving our products and factory.

We are Indonesian fruits supplier company based on Yogyakarta. Some other products are provide to our customer from around the world.

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3 reviews for Fresh Honey Pineapple Fruits From Java Indonesia

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    I like it, sounds great quality

  2. Wien

    Good product

  3. Terry Potter

    The taste of pineapple from Jago Food’s products is very good, I am very happy with the service provided by Jago Food

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