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Fresh Honey Avocado from Jago Food are provide with the best quality that can be used for consumption, cosmetic and medicinal needs by the global market.

The majority of avocados are indeed cultivated by farmers from highland areas in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Which later the result of this standardization is to create avocado production with stable quality seeds that can meet the continuity of the export market.


Get To Know Fresh Avocado

Fresh Honey Avocado best quality is available in round-year from Indonesia.

The history of avocados in Indonesia started from the lowlands and highlands in Central America.

Which then entered the territory of Indonesia in the 18th century.

Indonesia created best quality seeds, and has a very high nutritional value.

Central Java, parts of Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara.

In North Sumatra, avocado lands are scattered in almost all regencies/cities.

Avocados have never been imported, even because the large number of avocado production in North Sumatra has been exported to foreign countries in quite high quantities.

Nutrition Content

The creamy texture and neutral flavor of this stone fruit make it extremely versatile and useful in many different recipes.

It tastes great as a spread for sandwiches or a dip, in a salad or smoothies, and even on its own, seasoned with pepper and salt.

Fresh honey avocado are one of the most popular fruit products in the world.

Avocado have many benefit for everyday life, from the flesh to the leaves.

Many people also like to consume fresh avocado flesh directly from the fruit without any mixture because the vitamin content contained in this fruit is also very high.

The fruit has a pleasant flavor and creamy texture, and you can choose from various sweet and savory avocado recipes for children.

Not only is it delicious, avocados packed full of healthy fats and nutrients.

While it’s tempting to keep a bunch of avocados on hand for snacking, these fruits do not last very long if stored improperly.

the avocado demand will keep growing in both regions.

Keeping avocados fresh on the counter is relatively straightforward, just like how you keep banana fresh.

However, a few handy methods help keep them fresh longer or speed up the ripening process.

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals.

Free radicals can damage cells and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Java Gondang Food for Fresh Avocado

The demand for avocados is strong and keeps rising.

Jago Food provide avocado products with best quality.

Avocado have many function to consumption, cosmetic and medicinal needs by the global market.

In Java Gondang Food can be your best choice to buy fresh honey avocado fruits.

We have the premium quality and produces with the high standarization.

We are the finest Exporter from Indonesia because our experience been for twenty years for doing this business. All the products could be custom as you need to. We use all best quality raw material, for instance.

With the professional engineers and farmers, we are using all the newest technology for improving our products and factory. We were Indonesian exporter company based on Yogyakarta. Some other products are provide to our customer from around the world.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

100gr – 500gr

Shelf life

60 Days



Cultivation Type





Natural Bright, Green








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